Wii U Makes Up Just 1.6% of Total UK Software Sales In January

| February 15, 2013 | Reply

Wii UTo say sales of the Nintendo Wii U were disappointing is an understatement. An MCV  report came out last week from  NeoGAF that suggested that Wii U software (for the month of January) sold just  1.6% of overall UK sales which is shocking. When you think about how much money is invested in these consoles and how much money is lost on them, to only get 1.6% of the market on software is shocking.

Whether these finding are 100% correct is debatable. CVG have actually come out to say that is complies with its own findings.

On the bright side, the same report noted that 34,000 Wii U games were sold during the January which included  bundled copies of Nintendo Land.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Wii U game that has actually pushed its way up the UK top 40 so far in 2013. This after Nintendo have slashed their financial forecast by 27 per cent from 5.5m to 4m for the financial year ending in March 2012. Ouch! They also reduced their estimates on the new 3DS and DS players.

Here’s a list of the market share stats from :

January software sales (market share):

Xbox 360: 810,000 (38.4%)
PS3: 545,000 (25.8%)
PC: 228,000 (10.8%)
Wii: 182,000 (8.6%)
DS: 139,000 (6.6%)
3DS: 112,000 (5.3%)
Vita: 46,000 (2.2%)
Wii U: 34,000 (1.6%)
PSP: 13,000 (0.6%)
PS2: 2,000 (0.1%)

I think where consoles like this are losing out, is the download-able games for both the iPhone and iPad. As so many people are downloading these games in a blink of the eye, this undoubtedly hurts games console sales. I wrote an article yesterday about Xbox consoles and the threat they have from Smart TV’s and why they need to change strategy a little. I think gaming consoles have some rocky roads ahead.


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