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These are the best selling gadgets from at the moment. Electronic Pocket SudokuElectronic Pocket Sudoku

Electronic Pocket Sudoku

Are you or someone you know silly about Sudoku? If so then this is just the gadget for you! Concealed away in this tiny touch screen marvel are over 800 Sudoku puzzles ranging from simple to fiendish. Measuring just 75 x 100mm this pocket puzzler with slip comfortably inside a bag or pocket, ready and waiting to be produced when travelling, or just waiting for a friend or colleague to arrive at a meeting.

Price: £14.95

Can CrusherCan Crusher

Can Crusher

The can crusher does exactly what it says on the tin, squashing your aluminium drinks cans down so that they save space in your recycling. It may look like a boring recycling gadget but crushing drinks cans turns out to be a huge amount of fun as well, and you may well find yourself buying a cheeky Fanta just so you can squash it down once you’ve finished it!

Price: £9.95

USB Negatives Photo Film ScannerUSB Negatives Photo Film Scanner

USB Negatives Photo Film Scanner

Perfect for anyone with older relatives who have family photos they want to share in a modern way, professional photographers who grew up with film but now want to put their best work online, or archivists who have film collections that are decaying due to the ravages of time. This handy gadget can bring old film and slides right up to date by scanning them at high resolutions and then converting them to jpegs, or a range of other useful digital formats.

Price: £59.95

Hyper Multi ToolHyper Multi Tool

Hyper Multi Tool

This ergonomically designed little gadget contains its powerful LED bulb at one end, whilst the other hides the rest of its tools including such every day essentials as a combined bottle and can opener, serrated blade, rip saw, miniature scissors, and a magnetised screwdriver with four interchangeable driver heads, one of which is found ready loaded in the screwdriver, with the others stored away in their own special spring loaded compartment.

Price: £12.95



A good bottle of red wine should be allowed to breathe before it is drunk, a process that lets air into the wine and releases its full range of flavours and aromas. Unfortunately, doing this the traditional way of opening the bottle, and decanting takes time that you don’t always have when guests drop by, or just at the end of a very long and trying day. The VinOair is a new gadget that will take the waiting game out of the equation, as when you are equipped with this little wonder you can simply open, and pour.

Price: £29.95

Aquacase for iPadAquacase for iPad

Aquacase for iPad

The aquacase is the protective shield that allows you to use your iPhone, iPad or Blackberry around water and sand without fear of damaging your precious gadget. Talk, text and tweet by the pool or relax with a good eBook on the beach. You can even submerge your device up to 1m deep.

Price: £39.95

Voice BoxVoice Box

Voice Box

Warp your voice from high to low and quick to slow with the Voice Box. This little gadget records a clip of your voice and then lets you change your tone from low-pitched, Darth Vader-like rumblings to the high-pitched squeal of a cartoon chipmunk and anywhere in-between. You can also set the voice box to play recordings back at a snails pace or at sonic speed.

Price: £9.95

Cooling Fan PenCooling Fan Pen

Cooling Fan Pen

The cooling fan pen is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a pen with a fan on the end, keeping you cool while you’re slaving away over a hot memo. Whether your air conditioning is broken, you’re in a boiling meeting room, or you’re just desperate for an awesome desk gadget to keep you from overheating, the cooling fan pen stops you being too hot and makes work an absolute breeze!

Price: £5.95

Tea Sub Yellow Submarine Tea InfuserTea Sub Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

Tea Sub Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

The Tea Sub Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser is the coolest looking tea gadget we’ve ever seen; styled to resemble the Beatles yellow submarine, it makes an excellent cup of tea and is a guaranteed talking point with anyone you’re entertaining. The iconic yellow submarine is made of silicone rather than rubber to prevent any nasty after taste, and the hook at the end of the anchor means you won’t lose it in your beverage!

Price: £8.95

iPhone Keyring USB Phone ChargeriPhone Keyring USB Phone Charger

iPhone Keyring USB Phone Charger

We’ve all been there when your phone battery dies, and the feeling that you’re missing out on the world isn’t fun at all. Luckily, there’s a keyring iPhone charger to solve such a dilemma! The iPhone Keyring USB Charger is a life-saving gadget that gives your battery a boost whenever it needs it, and it’s just the size of a normal key fob.

Price: £6.95

Sentol Bottle OpenerSentol Bottle Opener

Sentol Bottle Opener

Far from being a new Gadget, this super simple bottle popper was actually invented back in the 80s and is still popular all over the world today. Its easy to see why, all that is required is to place the Sentol over the neck of your bottle and push down. The mechanism automatically removes the cap in one deft ninja-like movement and the magnetic base holds onto the bottle cap for easy disposal.

Price: £9.95

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