Nokia Lumia 620 Is This Launching In January?

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Do you remember that old Nokia 3210 where you could change the covers and make it look like a completely different phone (well sort of)? Well, the company that found it hard to keep up with the times is hitting back with the expected launch of their latest foray into smartphones. The Nokia Lumia 620 (part of the latest Lumia series of phones) running windows 8 OS. It due out at the end of the month.noklum

This particular handset has been aimed at the budget savvy and its previous smartphones have proved popular amongst buyers throughout Europe thanks to it’s compatibility with the various 4G mobile broadband standards. That’s a massive thumbs up to try and future-proof both the brand and this particular phone.

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Nokia are expected to launch a cheaper device that will be available Sim free and without the need of a contract. Price in ££ will be around £230 and rumours say that it will ill use a lower-resolution 480×800 3.8in display. This is OK since the vast majority people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway, let’s face it ;)

It will be packing  a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor running at 1GHz. 8GB of internal storage is also included. So what started off as the cheaper step kid actually packs some punch. Nice one!

It will have a 5 mega-pixel rear-facing camera that also allows you to capture 720p video,. Wow! It will also have a front-facing VGA camera that allows for video chat. Skype anyone?

Anyway, look at for this unit to arrive in all good stores at the end of the month. I can personally see this bad boy selling quite well. Mainly because of the price point!



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