Nokia Lands Handset Deal With Foxtons Estate Agents

| February 19, 2013 | Reply
Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia(Photo credit: John.Karakatsanis)

I’ve written lots of different articles on Nokia. In fact, they’re always in the news and they haven’t let us down today.

Apparently Foxtons the Estate Agents have just signed a deal with Nokia to supply their staff a Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone.

Around 900 lucky employees were each given an 820 where Foxtons have actually designed their own bespoke app that integrates into the operating system. Since Foxtons use Microsoft extensively throughout their network, this tie up allows them to easily sync all of their data and information so that all staff have access to it at all times.

Dan Rafferty, IT Director of Foxtons, explains:

“In a fast moving business with many staff movements across departments and locations, keeping an accurate, up-to-date contact list is a challenge for us. We’ve developed an app integrating our personnel system with our active directory and phone system so all the information is accurate and can be accessed directly from our agents’ Nokia Lumia 820s. It’s a great timesaver and asset for the team. The Nokia Lumia 820 aligns with our entire device strategy and allows us to fully integrate our current Microsoft systems throughout the company.”

It’s really good to see Nokia being so proactive and hopefully they can tie up a few more deals like this.

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