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get Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11

So, the latest Lenovo  can transform from a normal laptop into a tablet computer. This is hardly ground breaking and with the pace of today’s technological advancements, no longer the go to feature. However, the Lenovo machine is flexible. When I say flexible, I mean, nothing breaks, nothing wobbles

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 is a hybrid that will combine the benefits of two devices in one housing. Thanks to a keyboard and touchpad, users can easily tap texts, edit photos, and navigate through detailed websites. With touch scroll you can also go back through your photo collection or start Youtube videos. With Windows 8 as the new operating system from Microsoft, the Yoga 11 allows you to operate the laptop as a touch screen.

Equipped with double hinges, they’re actually quite stable no matter which angle they stand. As mentioned earlier, the screen barely wobbles which allows the 11.6-inch screen to be used as a kind of mini-TV, the screen can be set up either as a tent or resting on the keyboard. 

The Windows 8 interface with its typical tile display is easy to operate whether you’re surfing the web or relaxing by browsing through photos. In comparison to other tablet computers, the IdeaPad Yoga is actually quite bulky and heavy. Measuring nearly two inches longer than the fourth-generation iPad and weighs twice as much as one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use the device in one hand for very long. However, the keyboard is used as a decent support to position the device on the train or on the bed comfortably without any problems.

For a laptop, the IdeaPad Yoga is comparatively lightweight and compact.Nevertheless, the keyboard is large enough that you don’t make mistakes and tap the wrong letter.

There is  a slot for SD memory cards and an HDMI port for transferring the image on your monitor or TV. The IdeaPad Yoga has two USB ports which allow you to connect  a mouse or external hard drive – almost like an office computer really. 

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