In The Red Corner We Have Samsung’s Answer To The iPad Mini

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Samsung has made some huge announcements at the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2013. Yesterday they presented an eight-inch tablet called the Galaxy Note 8. The unique thing about the Galaxy Note 8.0 is that you can operate most of the functions with the S-pen. When you detach the S-Pen from the Note 8, it automatically launches some fantastic S-Pen features such as ” Pen Detection”. This actually suggests menus you may want to use.

As Samsung looks to expand its range of Android tablets, the Galaxy Note 8 main feature is a large 8-inch screen and stylus input. Like the other Note models in the range, the Galaxy Note 8.0 can be operated either with a finger or with a stylus, the S Pen.

The display of the Galaxy Note 8.0 has a size of 8 inches at a resolution of 1,280 by 800 pixels, which is a pixel density of 189 ppi. Where the iPad mini is has a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels and a pixel density of 163 ppi.

The functionality of the tablet has been enhanced with the S-Pen, the user can also select the menu and back button from the bottom of the screen. In previous models, this wasn’t possible, so it’s actually a refreshing new feature that should boost the popularity of the Note 8.

In addition, there are several third-party applications that can be installed on the Note 8 where you can use the S-Pen for special functions. For example, when you open the news app Flipboard, you can now use the “Air View function”. This gives you a preview of an object on the screen when the input pen hovers over an object.

Inside the Galaxy Note 8.0 is a quad-core Exynos processor with a clock speed of 1.6 gigahertz. The RAM is two gigabytes in size, the flash memory, depending on model 16 or 32 gigabytes. A slot for microSD cards up to 64 gigabytes is available. Bluetooth is supported in version 4.0 and a GPS module is installed.

WLAN supports the Galaxy Note 8.0 for 802.11a/b/g/n, so both 2.4 GHz and at 5.0 GHz. The model shown in Barcelona also had a slot for a SIM card, the UMTS frequencies Samsung makes the technical data sheet but no details.

I believe this is definitely a contender to take on the very popular iPad Mini which see Samsung upping the ante at the beginning of 2013. Let the battle commence.

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