Do You Text The Person In The Next Room?

| February 19, 2013 | Reply

Since the invention of the mobile phone, I don’t think life has ever been the same. Not only can they be used if you’ve broken down and need to call out a breakdown service. We can call our partners to let them know we’re going to be late home as well as calling the kids to find out where they are.

Well, it seems half of us a taking things a little too far according to a Halifax Insurance Digital Home Index. The study revealed that some 45% of us would rather either call, text, tweet or send an email to someone in the next room instead of going and talking with them.

In fact, 1 in 5 of us would rather would rather use social media to communicate with damily and friends instead of a face to face metting. Are these scary statitics or what. Well, it doesn’t ed there, 73% of us would struggle if we were without our digital devices for just one day. I reckon this stat is even higher the guys and gals under 18.

We have such an over-reliance on technologyPsychologist Dr Aric Sigman believes it is leading to relationship breakdowns.

He said: ‘As the amount of time spent looking at a screen or plugging in increases, the amount of time spent on direct eye-to-eye contact and developing real life relationships inevitably decreases.

‘By the age of seven years, the average child born today will have spent one full year of 24 hour days watching screen technology; by the time they reach 80 they will have spent almost 18 years of 24 hour days watching non-work related screen technology. That’s a quarter of their lives.

‘The over-use of technology is an issue affecting all age groups; from young adults, for whom technology is now a central part of life, to parents who will be experiencing both how their over-use of technology affects them individually and how it creates barriers to family interaction.

‘We have to remind ourselves that technology should be a tool, not a burden or obstruction, and at the moment it seems the tail is wagging the dog.’

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