Top 5 iPhone 4/4S Accessories For February 2013

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These are the Top 5 iPhone 4/4S Accessories For February 2013

Apple iPhone 4-4S essential accessories pack


1. Apple iPhone 4/4S Essential Accessories Pack

Yeah I know, this probably isn’t the most exiting accessory at the number 1 spot, but I’ve chosen this to be the Top iPhone accessory for February because you’re basically getting 3 products for the price of 1 here. It’s seriously cheap and you also get it on Free Delivery!

If you’re looking to keep your iPhone in tip top condition, then this screen protector and and silicon case will do that job for you. You also get the added bonus of an in-car charger (I’m always breaking mine, so anew one always comes in handy).

These are designed specifically for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s are are being sold through Carphone Warehouse.






Gear 4 Unity Remote Control iPad iPhone iPod Touch

2. Gear 4 Unity Remote Control (iPad/ iPhone/ iPod Touch)

I’ve chosen the Gear 4 Utility Remote as the 2nd best buy for iPhone accessories and here’s why! We’re all suckers for gadgets, aren’t we? and most of us blokes have always dreamed of controlling devices with our phones (or is that just me?).

This remote control device not only works with your iPhone, you can also use it with your iPod Touch and even your iPad.

It’s really easy to setup, you get software provided and the seperate controllr takes 3 AA batteries that apparently last for months.

This is basically a home entertainment system on your phone.






Keyring USB Phone Charger

3. Keyring USB Phone Charger

This bad boy looks like it should be used in Star Trek. This is by far the coolest charging unit for your iPhone that I can find online. At number 3 on this list, I wanted to put this higher, but couldn’t really justfy why this was better than the accessories above it (apart from the fact that it looks so damn cool!).

How many times have you been out and about and your phone needs charging? Quite often, huh? Well, this keyring/charger takes care of all of your problems in one fail swoop! Not only is this space-saving, it allows you to give your iPhoe a boost whenever you need it. Just plug it into a USB socket and walla! Anywhere that has a USB port is your very own charging power plant, then when you’ve finished, it shrinks back down into a normal keyring.







ZAGG® invisibleSHIELD® iPhone 4-4S full body shield

4. ZAGG® invisibleSHIELD® iPhone 4/4S full body shield

The name of this device is so good, they even had to “register it”. This screen protector or body shield offers both front and back protection for your iPhone. So, it will be free from dust, smudges and worse still, scratches.

Since it’s made out of precision cut nano-memory™ it’s extremely thin and unbelievalbly hard wearing. In fact, once they’re fitted to your phone, it won’t feel too bulky.

This is available from Carphone Warehouse.







Arcadie for iPhone

5. Arcadie for iPhone

Last but not least, we have the Arcadie for iPhone.

Now, if the picture didn’t give it away or the name, let me explain why this is and why it’s on the list.

If you’re old enough to remember the old retro classic gaming machines, then this brings it back to life and into the 21st century! With this, you can replicate that whole arcade experience (the only difference is, you’ll be playing using your iPhone).

All you need to do is dock your iPhone into the device (no batteries needed) and it’s basically plug and play. There’s a small selection of FREE games to choose from at the app store and I believe there are some premium ones you can buy too!

Aliens, here we come!


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