4G Superfast Broadband Is Here – Some In Kent Can’t Make A Call

| February 19, 2013 | Reply
Mobile communications antennae at Holloman AFB, NM

Mobile communications antennae at Holloman AFB, NM (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, Orange (EE) is the first network out of the blocks to offer the new 4G service and the innovative world that we live in seems to be moving along just nicely. If you were impressed with 3G and the speeds you’re achieving, then you’ll be even more impressed with 4G. The fact that we’re all using a mobile devices even more for games, music and HD films means we both need and want more download speed as well as streaming speeds. 4G is here and will later be rolled out by the other companies such as Vodafone , Three and BT.

This is great news and a step in the right direction. However, there are some residents in East Sussex and West Kent who are still struggling just to make a phone call (forget streaming HD videos).

There are still so many black-spots throughout the countryside that are struggling to get any type of decent signal so they can make a simple telephone call. Even sending a text can sometimes be hit and miss.

When you think tech and innovation, you think city living. However, those that live in the countryside also need to use mobile communication. For example, if your a carer or a parent trying to get in touch with a child, mobile communications are vital.

Private companies and the government are investing millions trying to bring new services online, but you sometimes feel that they’re putting the cart before the horse. Before trying to bring 4G online.

They really need to plough investment into countryside communities that are struggling to get a signal to make a simple call. They definitely won’t get 4G, they don’t even get 3G and at times it feels as though we’re making progress until you here stories from people in the countryside. It’s only then you realise that we still have a long way to go.

Source: www.thisiskent.co.uk

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