4G Mobile Launch Will Hit Millions Of TV Sets

| February 18, 2013 | Reply

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When the new 4G spectrum is turned on later this year, some 2.3 million homes are expected to be affected by TV interference. I some cases, over 40,000 could lose their signal completely with the lack of preparation and a little confusion over the big switch. It has already got the attention of senior Whitehall officials and MP’s.

It has been huge news in tech circles but general public awareness of advertising has been lacking. The 4G spectrum range is extremely close to the already existing Freeview service which has grown in momentum over the last few years.

So that you won’t be affected, you’ll have the ability to call out an engineer free of charge to prevent interference and have them install a separate filter. However, if you have more than 1 TV in the house (which is pretty much everyone) you may need to pay an extra £5 for an additional filter for these TV sets and fit it yourself.

The agency that is to oversee the big shift is DMSL. They’ve been provided a budget of around £180 million from mobilw phone companies as a form of subsidy. No taxpayers money has contributed since this is 100% commercial.

A Whitehall source said: “This could be the great consumer crisis in waiting. We are months away from a switch-on which could cause chaos across the country and nobody seems to be prepared for it at all.”

It’s a nice windfall for the government since they’re expecting to rake in £3.5 billion with the sale of the licenses. There are seven companies that have applied for these lucrative licenses such as PCCW LtdBT, MLL Telecom, Everything Everywhere, Three owner Hutchison, Vodafone and O2 whose owner is Telefonica. These companies will here the result of the auction in a few weeks.

Source@ www.telegraph.co.uk

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