Wii Mini Coming To UK Shores

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Wii Mini

Nintendo, the Japanese games console maker is set to release a miniaturised version of its worldwide popular Wii console in a months time here in the UK. It will be called the “Wii Mini“.

After selling nearly 100 console to date, Nintendo announced that the scaled-down version will hit our streets on 24th March.

This isn’t really a groundbreaking new console with new features and fancy gizmo’s. It’s exactly what it says on the packaging a “smaller Wii” which to some extent is just brand extension. Coming in  matte black with a red border, the new console looks stylish enough, but will in cannibalise sales of the updated Wii U?


As with most of these launches, there’s no price indicators. However, it is being sold in Canada for the budget price of $99 CAD. This is about £63 in our money. Now, that’s a pretty competitive price and you’ve got to assume that they’ll be following the popular model of not looking to make a profit out of the console, rather the selling and licencing of the games and other online goodies.

On the same day Nintendo also announced that it will be extending the Nintendo Selects games range with Super Paper Mario,  Mario Party 8Wii Sports Resort and Mario Power Tennis.

In a statement yesterday, Nintendo said: ‘With a family-friendly design offering no Internet capabilities, Wii Mini allows you to jump straight in and experience all the great Wii games from the last six years since the Wii console first launched.

‘To coincide with the launch of Wii Mini, Nintendo is also adding to the existing range of Nintendo Selects titles, offering great value for everyone to enjoy classic Wii games.’

As soon as the Wii Mini launches in the UK, we’ll show you where you can either pre-order or purchase the console at the very best price. However, a lot of manufacturers are placing limits on retail prices and are rolling products out where the price point is the same for everyone for the first few weeks. You’ll probably see some really heavy discounting in the weeks after the initial launch. Either way, we’ll let you know!

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