Nokia Lumia 820 Review


The Lumia range could be considered somewhat of a lifeline for Nokia since they’ve been struggling with both their brand and their new phone ranges.

The new Nokia Lumia 820 is basically second in command in the new Lumia range.

The 820 is quite a bit different from it sibling the 800 in terms of its design. It’s actually a lot taller and wider measuring in at 68.5 mm width, 123.8 mm in height and 9.9 mm in depth. In fact, a lot of people have noted that it looks much boxier or chunkier (ant larger adjective you can think of) than the 800. Some may think of this as a disadvantage, but it feels like a really good fit in your hand and the overall build quality feels that much better.

Since it has a larger frame, it means it has a larger display with an expansive 4.3-inch AMOLED display which in mobile phone terms is probably average. Not average in spec but average in comparable size. However, one of the main drawbacks is the actual weight of the 820. They’ve added an extra 18g which you can feel once it’s in your pocket (total weight is 160g).

One of the main differences between this phone and the competition, is the eye catching colour (damn their bright). Keeping up with the Nokia tradition, you have choice of colours by removing the back cover so you can customize your phone with the colour options available in the Nokia accessory pool. This is a little unusual, since most smart phones don’t really give you this option. I suppose that’s Nokia’s way of making this a unique and different phone experience.

Wireless Charging

What’s nice, is the wireless charging capabilities, which means you can charge your device without the need of tangled cables everywhere (a nice touch).

Windows Phone 8 Operating System

What Nokia have done and it’s very brave of them to do so, is use the Windows 8 operating system (OS) as the main ecosystem inside the Lumia series. I say brave, because they’re relying on a third party OS to control all of the phones inner functions. If they fall out with Microsoft, or Microsoft decide to charge more, then they’ve got big problems.

Visually, it looks pretty similar to the Windows phones in the market, but the improved customisation is where this Nokia really comes into its own. Live tiles can be re-crafted and re-sized on your screen with a choice of multiple apps available from the Windows store.

Hmm Apps?

Nokia’s apps corner is still there, but better organised with both their free and paid sections. A nice little feature is the ability to try an app before you purchase it (you can basically take it for a test run). However, if you’re comparing to the iStore or Google Play, then you might be a little disappointed. The amount of apps available is slim to say the least and the choice just isn’t there if you’re an app fiend. That being said, there are over 100,000 available to choose from and according to Microsoft, they’re adding well over 150 apps per day.

In other places, things have been either given a minor update or a polish with Internet Explorer 8 pre installed where you can pin individual browsed pages to your home screen.

Kid’s Corner

An innovation that is a little different from the competition is a kid’s corner feature, where the kids can have a play on your phone without messing up your contacts or important docs. Swipe the screen left from the lock screen and you’ll have dedicated kids section where they can play to their hearts content. There’s a nice selection of games and apps for them to choose from.


With a Snapdragon™ S4 Dual-core 1.5GHz processor, MicroSD  slot, Qi Wireless charging, Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth 3.0,Internal memory of 1000MB, there’s more than enough power to help Window phone 8 do its thing.

It has a 8.0  megapixel camera,Short pulse high power dual LED, Auto focus with two-stage capture key, Geo-tagging, Still image editor and True 16:9 sensor among other interesting features.

Video camera resolution is 1080p (Full HD, 1920×1080), shooting at 30fps with the features:

  • Video Recorder
  • Video Call
  • Video Sharing
  • Video Player

The transition and apps loaded with ease and the processor was able to handle a multi function attack with several apps running at the same time.


They’ve done a great job with the 820 and it’s definitely an improvement on the 800. The look and feel is completely different to the iPhone and Android devices and the spec is powerful enough to handle the Windows 8 operating system.


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