Apple iPhone 5 Review


This will be an unbiased review of the Apple iPhone 5 and how it stacks up against the other smart phone contenders.

If you’ve had an Apple iPhone before or if your partner has one, you know that the overall look and design is super sexy. They’ve actually made it 20% lighter than the previous iPhone 4s that weighs in at 112 grams. My initial reaction when I watch people using the iPhone 5 for the first time is their initial shock at just how light this phone is. They’ve also made it 18% thinner than the 4S measuring in at 7.6 mm depth and 58.6 mm wide.

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One of the main difference between the 4s and the 5 is the fact that the back doesn’t have that glass effect anymore, instead what Apple have done is go for that more matt feel whilst still have that glass effect on the top and bottom of the phone.

Most of the buttons can be found in the same place, but the headphone jack has been moved from the top to the bottom of the device where you’ll also find the lightening connector port (these measurements are smaller than previous iPhones which means you have to break open your wallet and buy some new accessories). The speakers are also nicely placed at the bottom of the device which are a lot louder than previous models which is a nice touch.

What’s Your Colour?

The 5 will be shipping in two colour combinations, available in Black & Slate and White & Silver and you’ll find that each colour has its own personality depending on the person who’ll be using it. Like most iPhones, the black will probably be the most popular option, but at least you have a choice.

Size & Display

The screen is a 4-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display, with a 800:1 contrast ratio, Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front and the flagship retina display from Apple. It’s not actually wider than previous models, but you will notice that it is a little taller which does make using the phone feel like a different experience entirely. If you’re a keen gamer, you’ll definitely benefit in having a larger screen since you can see more of the game which can be better seen when you flip the phone so your in landscape.

Under The Hood

Under the hood, this device is packing Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, 8-megapixel iSight camera, Photo and video geotagging, HD (1080p) Video recording with up to 30 frames per second with audio, Face detection in video or still images, and FaceTime HD camera with 1.2MP photos and HD video (720p) up to 30 frames per second. Not bad eh! This means that you can actually take pictures while recording 1080p video at the same time.

The 5 also has the flasgship iOS (6.1, 6), Dual core, 1300 MHz, Apple Swift, a PowerVR SGX543MP3 graphics processor, 1016 MB RAM of system memory and 16 GB built in storage.

Battery Life

With regards to the battery, Apple have advertised that you can get 9.4 days (225 hours) Stand-by time and 8.00 hours talk time on 3G and my experience, I found these specs to be slightly better that the iPhone 4s.

When the iPhone 5 launched, they had a massive problem with the maps app. I don’t think they have sorted this out yet, but you do still have the ability to download Google apps for your iPhone, so all is not lost.


So how does this phone stack up in the marketplace and is it worth you either upgrading or changing over to the iPhone 5? Its direct competition is the Galaxy S3 which I already reviewed and I can say that it definitely stands up against this phone in both the looks and specs department. This a lighter, faster, smaller phone than the 4s and does a lot of things better.


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