Why Every Day Should Be Mother’s Day

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Now before you think that I’m writing to tell you to send a gift to your Mum every day. Relax, that’s not what I’m saying.

I suppose the best way to explain is to post the 5 best ways to keep in touch that takes just a few minutes out of your day.

1. Text Messages – We all complain and make excuses about how hard it is to stay in touch. However, how long does it take you to write a paragraph worth of text? 30 seconds, 90 seconds? So, at no time in history has it been easier to keep in touch. Why not write a nice note or wish your Mum a nice day (even if it’s a few words).

2.Create a family or event website – You can create a free blog or website with services such as Blogger.com or even WordPress.com where you can post private posts, share pictures and interact behind a virtual firewall where no one, except dedicated users can read and participate on that site.

3. Back to basics – the good ole telephone/mobile – While not use that old fashion box and call your Mum once a week, a couple of times a month. You’ll find that if you call a loved one regularly, you won’t feel the need to stay on the phone for hours on end and having to explain what has happened in your life for the last few months.

4. Email/Facebook – Most of our parents are now on email. If you went back 5 years, this probably wasn’t the case. However, these days most people check their email at least once a week and email is a great way to keep in touch and just say “Hi”. If they have Facebook, then there really is no excuse. Sending a private message is super easy and take seconds out of your day.

5. Visit them in person – Wow, I can’t believe I’ve left this till last. But hey, if you’re Mum doesn’t live that far, then take time out of your week and go visit ( a novel idea, I know), but there’s nothing more important than family.

To be fair, this article could be written on any family member or even friend. In this connected age, if we’re honest, there really is no excuse.

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