Where Can I Buy An iPad Mini And Where Can I Get The Best Deals?

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iPad mini

iPad mini (Photo credit: patrick-allen)

The iPad mini has probably been one of the most anticipated products brought out by Apple after the success of their iPhone and larger iPad.

It’s a funny world really. So many people were asking why anyone would want to purchase a tablet computer when Apple first unveiled the iPad. Now there are people questioning why anyone would want to buy a smaller version. I’ve got to say, as I’ve said previously on here. I was a little sceptical myself. Especially with a screen resolution of just 1024 x 768, Ouch!

So, the question is, where can you buy one. Well, we wouldn’t be a daily deals site if we couldn’t provide you with the best deals for one of these beauties.

You can actually buy one from the link below. The best deal, price and the speed in which you can own one is from Argos. They’ve generally got these in stock and you should be able to “click and collect” it in store.



The smaller more compact tablet actually bridges the gap between the iPhone and PC. Now, don’t get me wrong, the iPad is fantastic, but the size is probably just a little smaller than a laptop. The smaller mini allows you to browse the web and respond to any emails a little better since it’s more convenient to pull out and use, due to the size.

Before the laucnh, there was a massive buzz about the retina display, but it seems as though Apple have actually comprised a little with 1024 resolution which might put a few people off.

So what are it’s rivals and what can you buy that’s comparable to the iPad mini. Well, you could go for the Google Nexus or even the Amazon Kindle Fire (they’re both a lot cheaper by the way). However, a lot of people have been complaining about the bulkiness of it’s competitors and I suppose in comparison the iPad Mini is a lot thinner and lighter.

I would say that the Nexus 7 has  a better text quality and better screen resolution when compared to the iPad mini and if you do a lot of reading then this point is going to be ultra important to you.

Another big difference is the fact that you get two cameras with the iPad mini (one at the front of the device and one at the back). It also has a longer battery life which may come in handy if you travel a lot and don’t have access to an electric socket.

As I have mentioned previously, it’s really easy to hold and can even fit into my hoddie pocket (which is a godsend).

With over 250,000 + applications to choose from it gives you a whole variety of different options to play with and really get the most out of.

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