Top 10 Tips On How To Haggle Your Arse Off!

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At this time of austerity and where the amount of cash in your wallet is less than it was a year ago. Learning the art of haggling could save you a lot of money over time. Being British, you may feel a little uncomfortable about haggling and getting discounts. However, if you can master the art of haggling, you’ll find that the more you save, the more you can buy on other much needed items!

1. Bring Cash

This works particularly well when if you’re in a small shop or outlet store. These types of shops are normally staffed by the owners who pretty much know how much each item is marked up by and won’t want too many people walking away without purchasing something. Look, times are touch out there and the bargain culture we now live in is in full effect. Use this to your advantage so it’s a “Win” “Win” situation for both the retailer and of course, you.

By bringing cash to the party, you’re adopting the age old haggling philosophy of the tax man being cut out of the transaction. Now, just so we’re straight. I’m in no way encouraging you to be dishonest and defrauding the tax man. I’m merely showing you the point of view of the retailer. Cash transactions traditionally allow you to get larger discounts.

If you’re really savvy and you’re interested in a particular item, then place the hard cash down on the counter laying each note down one by one. Let the retailer see the colour of your money. It’s very hard for them to resist the offer when they can physically see the cash laid out on the counter.

As a rule of thumb, you can generally achieve around 20% off the price of the item (for the reasons I stated earlier).

2. Stop Caring What People Think of You

If you’re British, I’m afraid this might be ingrained within your consciousness, but us Brits don’t want to come across too rude or argumentative (maybe they teach us this at school). To get over this, just imagine what you can buy with the possible savings you can make from the purchase and actually visualise this. Don’t forget, you don’t know the person from Adam (they’re total strangers). Don’t worry about what they might think, put it this way, you’re probably not going to see them again, so don’t worry.

If it’s easier, go shopping by yourself, leave your partner or the kids at home. If you’re new to haggling, it’s always harder to do this where people you know are in earshot of your conversation. However, don’t try haggling at your local church fair or school fate. There’s a time and place ;)

3. Think Savvy – Not Cheap

Look, we all want lower prices don’t we? Just don’t get to silly with it. If there’s a product that’s on sale for £49.99, don’t go and offer them £10, final price. You know what will happen? You’ll end up making yourself look stupid. Know your boundaries when it comes to getting a good deal. Anything over a 10% discount is a good saving. Remember, the idea is to accumulate your discounts over a period of time. We’re not looking to get the biggest discount in the history of discount.

The more discounts you get, the better you’ll get at it. If you get it wrong and keep getting turned down, this will hamper your confidence which may lead you to give up.

4. Pick Your Battles Wisely

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a lot easier to haggle in a small shop or outlet store. If you try to do this in Next or Marks and Sparks, then you’ll be disappointed. Also, give yourself a few minutes to haggle. If it’s over £1, it really isn’t worth 15 mins of your time. items such as gadgets, electrical items and furniture lend themselves to be haggled over. In fact, there are some stores that expect it from their customers.

5. Avoid an Audience

I touched on this earlier. It will be a lot easier if it’s just you and the shop assistant rather than having a large crowd around you. Even if they’re willing to give you a good discount, they won’t want to be handing out any more than they have to. If other customers hear you getting a discount, then it only makes sense that they ask for one too! Trust me on this, pick your moment and wait until no one else is around.

6. Do Your Research

If you’re purchasing an item of a technical nature, it’s a good idea to do your homework and know your product specs inside out. Better still, know more than the shop assistant and this will immediately give you the upper hand. If needs be, do your research online and even print out any information that might be helpful later on. If you’ve got the time, visit a few competitors and take a note of their prices. The vast majority of time, retailers don’t know what prices the competition are charging. If you know this type of info, it will give you advantage and you’ll then be able to control the conversation.

7. Look For Fixable Flaws For Extra Discounts

If you do a lot of shopping on the High Street, you’ll know that most small stores will have a “defects rack” or an “imperfection rack”. This is the perfect time to achieve a further discount since the retailer wants to get rid of these items as soon as possible. They will be either end of line items which they are now struggling to sell, or there may be a slight defect like a button missing or some oil on the garment. Whatever the reason, the retailer will be delighted to give you a further discount just to get rid of them.

8. Be Prepared to Leave Empty-Handed

If it’s an item you can do without, then be prepared to walk away to fight another day. Most hagglers don’t actually NEED the itme they’re haggling over, that’s why the whole haggling process is so powerful. The chips are strategically stacked in your favour before any conversation begins. If you don’t get the right discount, simply thank them and walk away.

9. Pretend to Consult With a Reluctant Partner

There aren’t too many people that employ this “good cop, bad cop” type technique, but if you do, it works like a dream. When you show the retailer that you’ve come to a decision, in the retailers mind, the deal is done and dusted. However, but showing a bit of doubt and asking your partner for their opinion, puts further doubt in the retailers mind. The retailer will be chomping at the bit to get this deal secured, since they don’t want to feel that loss of nearly getting there, only to lose the sale.

10. Show Hesitation About Buying The Product

It’s all about being in control and knowing how much bargaining power you have. Even if you really, really, really want the item, never let this be known to the retailer. if they know how much you want an item, they’ll be reluctant to further discount the item. Use silence to your advantage, a log awkward silence is something salespeople will avoid like the plague. If the timing is right, the retailer may drop the price further without you even asking.

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