HDM’s 10 Best Things In The World Right Now!

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10 best things in the world

These items are what we consider to be “10 Best Things In The World Right Now!”.

Nothing too serious really and just for fun!

1. Glasses Free 3D TV. Come on, you know you’ve been dreaming about these since you saw your very first 3D Movie. Well, they’re now here and ready to be watch to your hearts content. Not shown in the picture, the Toshiba ZL2 is one of the first Glasses Free 3d TV’s (that’s a mouthful) available for you to buy. However, they ain’t cheap!

2. The T200 Cooper Revival has got to be just the baddest most stylish bike on the road at the movement. Inspired by those lightweight bikes from the sixties (I’m told). These bad boys are flying off the shelves at at Cooper Bikes and looking at they styling and build quality, we can see why.

3. In at number 3 and could well have been higher up is the The Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring. If you’re looking for an all round fun bike with Ducati Skyhook Suspension (I don’t know what that is, but sounds kind of cool), you’ve got a selection of pre-set Riding Modes which means you can change the engine power depending on what mood you’re in and how much power you want. Nice! ducatistore.co.uk/

4. If you hate your food spicy, then I’m afraid this ain’t for you. However, if you like that spicy tang on your tongue, the try Chilli Queen. Once you go hot you won’t wanna stop. Or something like that! chilliqueen.co.uk

5. Have you heard of Jigsaw Comedy? They’re a trio by the names of Dan, Nat and Tom and they’ve just finished an Edinburgh tour. You’ll soon see them  them on Live At the Electric (BBC3) or Sketchorama (Radio 4). They’re damn funny and definitely worth checking out. jigsawcomedy.com

6. If you one of the more sophisticated types ( well, that’s everyone that reads HDM) then you’ll know about Box of Grey. You have the ability to create your own luxury box of goodies (great if you want to rekindle that marriage or relationship). Have no idea? Go ahead and take look at their site. boxofgrey.com/

7. Some say that this is the successor to Halo. I’ll leave that down to you to decide. The latest game “Destiny” from Bungie  and in partnership with publishing partner Activision. What’s it all about? . It’s a new sci-fi universe where humans are once again up against an alien threat seeking to rid them from existence. Doesn’t get any better than that folks!

8. AirBnB has got to be one of the best success stories of 2012, and they’re literally growing in subscriber numbers by the second. This popular, unique international accommodation finder is simply brilliant. Allowing to view accommodation from over 192 different countries. airbnb.co.uk/

airbnb accomadation

9. The DS2012 (yes that’s really is the name) is collaborative headphone project by Brooklyn’s GRADO Labs and the luxury house Dolce & Gabbana. Not only do these headphones look stylish, they sound absolutely fantastic! If you thought Beats By Dre were expensive, a set of these will cost you in the region of £775. gradolabs.com/

10. If I were selfish, I would have listed Elysium as number 1 since I’m a huge Matt Damon fan. However, I’m not selfish and this site is being written for you dear reader. Set in the year 2159, where the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth, a man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds.

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